Tips for a Better Corporate Holiday Party

Like any other event or project, you need to create a project plan that identifies the event details for the employee holiday party. Theme, venue, time, date, guest count, food and beverage selections, decor, and event agenda must all be considered before you begin to execute your event.

Every good party needs these core elements to be successful, but not everything has to be set in stone before you begin to execute on getting your needs met (like securing a venue, booking a caterer, or planning an agenda).

Choose a Team to Help Execute the Event:

Deciding the right team size and selecting the best team members are essential to making your event a success with as little hassle as possible. A smaller group of individuals will likely make planning more expedient and cost-effective. Consider selecting individuals for their ability to positively influence other employees, and put someone in charge—someone authorized to approve the plan!

Proper Etiquette:

The best advice for everyone who attends a holiday party is to make sure you remember etiquette for arriving and making others feel comfortable and enjoy the evening, and laying out ground rules in a company-wide memo or e-mail before the event is a perfectly acceptable way to make sure your employee guests have the best experience they can.

Gift Exchange?

If there is a gift exchange, perhaps it may be best if the host or organizer requests a financial cap to the gift—perhaps $10—to avoid issues associated with gift pricing.

Additionally, setting up a “white elephant” or similar type of all-inclusive gift exchange where everyone in the company is invited to participate on an individual level could help prevent organizational nightmares or occurrences where one guest doesn’t receive a gift because another forgot to bring one.

Consider If Fundraising Is Right for Your Event:

While it’s very useful to associate a particular cause for the holiday party, it may be helpful for the organization to encourage only noncash gifts and in-kind donations that may benefit the charity being supported. This way, everyone is allowed the option to offer a gift at a value that fits their own personal budgets.


A few quick tips:

No matter which party you choose, make sure it’s inclusive to everyone and always invite plus-ones!

Consider the following: price, space, proximity to work, what is provided and what you will need to provide (furniture, staff, entertainment, equipment, cleanup service, etc.)

Watch for allergies!


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