Top 3 Treasure Coast Venues

     For anyone reading this that is not a regular visitor of our website please note that these choices are made from a vendor’s point of view. With that in mind, our top 3 would be The House of Refuge, Indian Riverside Park, and the Heritage Center in Vero.
The House of Refuge is right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Many wedding ceremonies take place on the beach, just outside of the venue. There are great views of the ocean, and the beaches.
We chose IRSP because it has many different locations to have a beautiful ceremony. It also offers a great view of the Indian River Lagoon. It also has ample electrical outlets, something many venues are short on, and it is easy to get in and out of.
Lastly, we chose the Heritage Center because it is centrally located in Vero Beach, with plenty of room for larger parties, and it’s history.
These locations cover the 3 counties of the Treasure Coast, which is our home base.
Below are a few images of these and other popular venues we use regularly.


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