She said YES ! – What now?

     Now it’s time to think about when and where you’ll be having your service. Your choice of venue may well be your biggest cost, so deciding where to have your wedding will really determine how much money you have left to spend on the rest of the event. As you’re doing your research, you might be asking yourself whether choosing a different month might help bring that cost down? YES, is the answer there.
Keep in mind while booking your wedding in the offseason or not you will still run into the basic problem of availability.
For an average engagement period of 12-18 months, the common guidelines to book your wedding vendors are as follows:
Venue – 12+ months
Wedding Planner – 12+ months
Photography and Videography – 10 months
Caterer and Cake – 10 months
Floral Designer or Florist – 9-10 months
Music – 9-10 months
Officiant – 8-9 months
Guests Accommodations – 8 months
Stylist (Hair and Make-up) – 6 months
Transportation – 5-6 months
Stationary – 4-6 months
     The standard guideline above can be adjusted based on your shorter or longer wedding timeline but the order would generally stay the same. In general, you should start your vendor search early if you are getting married on a Saturday or the Sunday before a long weekend. If you are getting married on the most popular dates during the year, start your work even earlier and add a few months to the timeline above. A wedding on Friday or Sunday will give you more flexibility, options and most importantly room to stretch your budget.
Granted Florida does some uniqueness. Most of the country has the summer June-July as a peak wedding season. Wedding season in S. Florida is typically spring and fall, with spring being the busiest time. Few couples want to get married in the heat here, once temps start climbing.
Out of state couples may want to take advantage of the milder temps and sunny skies for destination weddings on the beach. A service we provide.
 Feel free to checkout some popular wedding venues on the treasure coast as well as other vendors we work with on a regular basis.
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