April showers may bring May flowers but bridal showers bring family and friends to honor the soon-to-be bride before her big day and bring her gifts of plenty and well-wishes on her upcoming milestone moment. In fact, for many soon to be Mrs. see this petite gala is an opportunity to set the stage for the main event. Here are some of the themes to consider when planning your celebration in 2019.
Old-School Cool: Think about hosting a shower that’s a throwback to your younger days or to days gone by. Think vintage or nostalgia. Ask guests to bring gifts that are heirlooms or antiques as well as some modern-day presents. Consider black and white photos of you and your guests and of you and your beloved or photos reminiscent of your childhood such as Polaroid photos, etc. And, don’t forget to match the décor, maybe even the menu to the time period.
His and Her Showers: Couples showers have been gaining popularity as many brides want to honor their soon to be spouse, and want include him in the festivities. It’s also nice to have Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles share in your happiness. Plus, giving your guests the choice to bring their significant other can make the party more fun for everyone.
Sophisticated Showers: Black tie…not just a theme for weddings any more. Elegance is making a big comeback as couples opt for more formal fetes replete with all the pomp and circumstance of the main event.
Gourmet Events: Eat, Drink and make merry. Showers that offer guests not only a delicious meal but a lesson in making it. Think about hosting a cooking class shower…the perfect party for a foodie bride.
Garden Gala: Host a garden party that offers a class in gardening and/or flower arranging. In fact, you may even want to let each lady design her own bridal bouquet.
A Pampered Bride Shower: Consider giving guests a “day of beauty” with as shower that has on-hand pros that can do makeovers, give mani-pedis and oh, so much more.
A Wine and Roses Shower: Consider a cocktail party or a shower at a winery where you can treat your guests to some define wines or bubbly as well as some custom cocktails.
Seasonal Showers: Let “Mother-Nature” be your inspiration. If you’re getting married at Christmas plan a holiday-themed shower. Similarly, if you are planning a summer event, consider a shower out on the ocean, and if you’re planning a couples shower think about a party boat that’ll allow the guys to cast out while out at sea…you get the idea.
A-List Events: Think Hollywood Haute. Plan a shower around the bride or the couple’s favorite film or one that “depicts” their love story. Think about incorporating a red carpet at either the shower or at the wedding (or both) and make it a photo op for friends, family, and guests.
Hide and seek Shower: This is an especially “cool” idea as the weather starts to heat up around Easter time. Host and outdoor garden gala and instead of “hiding” Easter eggs, place the gifts in various hiding spots encouraging the bride to go find them.
Totally English Extravaganza: Since brides are eager to take their cues from the Royals, how about hosting a tea and tea sandwich party with all the “proper” trimmings.
Foodie Fete: Every bride knows that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”…so why not give the bride an arsenal of favorites to help her please his palate. Consider a trendy yet traditional recipe swap shower…Maybe even incorporate some family favs into a customized cookbook for the soon-to-be bride.
Showers With Southern Hospitality: With spring just around the corner, consider a Kentucky Derby style even complete with haute hats, authentic southern beverages and decadent desserts…and if the guys are attending consider a television with some horseracing for them to view. You can even have guests take “bets” on which couple is going to get married next.
A Book and Brunch Bash: Host and elaborate and extravagant brunch complete with bagels, smoked salmon and other traditional and trendy favorites. And, bring plenty of reading materials to help the future Mrs. “unwind”.
“Exotic” Events: Host a shower that takes its cues from the couples honeymoon destination. Think tropical parties for those escaping to the Caribbean or Hawaii or a ski and slopes inspired shower for those hitting Colorado or the Alps with gifts centered around the couple’s destination hot spot.
Sporting Good Showers: The ideal shower for fitness enthusiasts, outdoorsy couples and sports fans. Consider hosting at a Country Club, Golf resort, Ski resort, etc. Gifts should include an assortment of items centering around the happy couple’s hobbies.
The possibilities are endless. Just think about the couple you are celebrating and design a shower around them.

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